Safer At Home - Important Info On Covid-19 Compliance to Help Keep Guests Safe.

Wilderness Presidential REsort and Virginia Covid-19 Updates

MOST RECENT UPDATE:  December 14, 2020

12/14/20 – COVID-19: Wilderness Resort FAQ’s

UPDATE:  December 14, 2020

Governor Northam has issued Executive Order 72 that will take affect at 12:01 a.m. Monday, December 14th. This new Executive Order includes the following:

  • All public and private in-person gatherings are limited to 10 individuals who do not live in the same residence.
  • Face Coverings Required – Indoors: All individuals in the Commonwealth aged five and older must cover their mouth and nose with a face covering, as described and recommended by the CDC, if they are in an indoor setting shared by others.
  • Face Coverings Required – Outdoors: All individuals in the Commonwealth aged five and older must cover their mouth and nose with a face covering, as described and recommended by the CDC, when outdoors and unable to maintain at least six feet of physical distance from other individuals who are not Family members.

We continue to enforce the face covering requirements if you are entering our Gym, Paulson Indoor Pool Facility, Wilderness Activity Center, and our Comfort Stations; you MUST have a face mask/covering to enter into these buildings. We ask that you adhere to the new outdoor face covering requirements while you are enjoying our outdoor areas on the resort if you encounter other guests. Please adhere to the gatherings limit of 10 individuals during your stay if you're enjoying time with other guests at your lot or unit.

For more details please visit:

UPDATE:  June 30, 2020

Starting Wednesday, July 1, our pools will be open for “FREE SWIM” with some limitations based off Governor Northam’s Phase 3 requirements.  Please carefully read the following information so you know what to expect while using the pools.

  1. Capacity at each pool will be as follows and will be first come, first serve:
  • Paulson Center –
    • Wilderness Pool (big pool) 125 people based on the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) mathematical calculations
    • Indoor Pool 20 people (the 20 people are included in the 125 person limit of the complex) based on the VDH mathematical calculations
  • Presidential Pool – 80 people based off of 75% occupancy of 107 and VDH mathematical calculations
  1. Pool Furniture – there will be no pool furniture available at the Wilderness pool or Presidential pool. The indoor pool will have some chairs.
  2. Liability Waivers – All members/owners/guests will be required to fill out a liability form before entering any of our pool facilities. We will have forms located at the check-in table of each pool. However, to make the process go more smoothly we have a liability form available to print out in advance to bring with you on our website at: Anyone 18 and older must fill one out for themselves, those under the age of 18 may be put on their parent or legal guardian’s form.  These will remain on file for the remainder of the calendar year.  If a guest is with you, they too will need to fill out a form to have on file.  Once forms have been turned in, you will receive an orange card as proof that you have signed a waiver.  Do not lose this card, make sure to store it in a secure location, as you will need it to access any of our pools.
  3. Screening questions – Swim Club Management Group (SCMG) lifeguards will ask the screening questions as directed by VDH and by SCMG management.
  4. The last 10 minutes of every hour will be reserved for lap swimming only. All ages may be in the water if they are swimming laps unassisted. Any patron not swimming laps will be asked to leave the pool during this time period.
  5. Free swim is permitted, but 10 ft social distancing must be maintained between households.

UPDATE:  May 29, 2020

Starting Friday, May 29, Governor Northam’s Executive Order 63 will go into effect.  The mandate will require anyone in an indoor public space to wear a face mask. 

Here is what you need to know:

Face Covering Requirements:

  • Everyone age 10+ (Adults accompanying minors age 10 through 18 shall use reasonable efforts to prompt the minor to wear face coverings while inside the public areas noted.)
  • Inside ALL brick & mortar retail establishments (The General Store)
  • Inside ALL personal care & grooming establishments (ALL Comfort Stations)
  • Inside places where people congregate (Reservations, Gym, Clubhouse, Wilderness Activity Center, etc. when permitted to re-open. Face coverings shall also be required when patrons are outdoors at entertainment or recreational businesses if a distance of six feet from every other person cannot be maintained.)
  • Inside food & beverage establishments, except when eating (The Red Barn Grill)
  • On public transportation
  • When accessing state or local government services

Face Covering Exceptions:

  • While eating or drinking
  • While exercising
  • If you have trouble breathing or are unable to remove the mask without help
  • If your health conditions prohibit wearing a face covering

Additional Past Updates:

Please see below for information from Governor Northam’s office in relation to Executive Order 61 guidelines. This is not a complete list of everything in the order or guidelines. We are highlighting the pieces that pertain to and affect the resort and its’ owners use of the resort and amenities. Phase 1 is expected to last 2-4 weeks. For the complete order and guide please go to:


Executive Order 61, Section 5: Fitness and Exercise Facilities 

  1. Outdoor swimming pools may be open for lap swimming only and must be limited to one person per lane.

Due to these constraints, the pools will not be able to open during Phase 1. We appreciate your continued patience and understanding while Governor Northam’s execuitve orders and guidelines are in effect.


Executive Order 61, Section 7: Campgrounds

  1. It is recommended that campgrounds must strongly encourage customers to wear face coverings over their nose and mouth.

We are doing our part to keep our visitors safe and we think it’s reasonable to ask that our visitors do their part to keep our staff safe and healthy so that we can continue to provide you with resort services. If you do not have a face covering, the resort will be providing them in the near future, at a small fee.

Safer at Home: Phase 1 Guidelines

Scope: Private campgrounds and overnight summer camps.

No day passes or visitors. Only persons listed on the registration are allowed on property.

Day visits will not be allowed during phase 1. Anyone coming to the resort must be registered and staying overnight in order to enter the property. Visitors trying to come in just for the day, will not be given access, per Governor Northam’s guidelines.

Wilderness Presidential Resort Alerts

Follow updates from the resort here as we interpret government restrictions pertaining to Covid-19 and our compliance to help keep our guests safe.



April 19, 2020

Reservations Office
As we work to maintain a healthy environment for our members and employees, we are implementing new social distancing protocols for our Reservations Office, which will only be open for limited services that cannot be done over the phone.

  1. Please call our office in advance of your arrival. In many instances, you may pay any outstanding balances and obtain a site assignment before your arrival. This way the site will be ready when you arrive and you will not need to stop by the office and may begin enjoying your stay right way. Site reservations must be made for 14 days per Governor Ralph Northam’s Executive Order EO-53 & EO-55.
  2. We also ask that you call the office to discuss any questions or concerns you may have rather than visiting the office in person. If you have a matter that cannot be addressed by phone, please call the office to schedule an appointment, which will help us limit the number of people in the office at any one time.
  3. Effective Wednesday, April 22, 2020:Any office visits will be conducted at the new service window located on the exterior side of the Reservation Office. This service window is located on the left side of the building, facing Wilderness Road, across from the Guard Shack. Visitors will not be able to come into or access the office, and all business must be conducted at the service window, until further notice. Please remember to maintain social distancing of 6’ away from others if a line forms.
  4. If you are under the weather, we ask that you please follow the guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and local public health officials and remain at your site or home, and do not visit the office or common areas of the resort.

If you have any questions or need to make changes to your reservation, call our Reservation Office at (540) 972-7433 ext. 1.

Wilderness Presidential Resort-COVID-19 Easter Weekend Update
April 8, 2020

As Easter Weekend is upon us, we want to remind our owners/members about Governor Northam’s Executive Order 53 and maintaining your social distance of 6’ away from others when visiting the resort.  We know our members have neighbors and friends here that feel more like family.  Please keep in mind we should not be gathering in groups of more than 10, per Executive Order 53.  The people you celebrate the holiday with should be those you live with.  This will be an adjustment for all of us, but we want to make sure our Wilderness family and friends have a safe and healthy holiday.

Virginia Department of Health – Rappahannock Area Health District Office 

Letter Dated: March 26, 2020

RE: Information for Campgrounds Regarding COVID-19

Dear Campground Operator:

The purpose of this letter is to notify your facility of the recommendations for campground operators regarding COVID-19 and GovernorNortham’s Executive Order 53 (effective March 24, 2020, 11:59 pm).

Outdoor recreation areas, like campgrounds, may see an influx in visitor numbers and frequency with recent social distancing recommendations. It is imperative for the safety and well-being of staff, guests, and the community that campground operators strive to prevent further spread of COVID-19 and abide by the details of Executive Order 53 (and any EO to follow). For more information regarding Executive Order 53, please visit: rginia .gov /media/governorvi rgi n iagov I executive-actions/E0-53-Tempora ryRestrictions-Due-To-Novel-Coronavi rus-( COVI D-19 ). pdf

The Virginia Department of Health has posted information for campgrounds on their webpage summarizing the details of ways to protect yourselves, your guests, and your staff members during this pandemic. Printable resources along with guidance for cleaning and disinfecting are included. Please visit: http://www. vdh. virginia. gov I environmental-health/ for more information.

General tips to protect the health of staff and visitors include:

  • Increasing cleaning and disinfection of areas frequently touched by people
  • Ensure gatherings are limited to fewer than 10 people
  • Ensure individuals stay 6 feet apart and practice social distancing
  • Promote good hand hygiene practices through adequate stocking of soap and paper towels, the use of hand washing signs and encouraging guests to use hand sanitizer if soap and water are not immediately available
  • Close any recreation facility specifically outlined in the Executive Order
    Please feel free to contact your local health department with any questions or concerns.

Wilderness Presidential Resort-COVID-19 Statement and Update 

March 31, 2020

With the orders given by Governor Ralph Northam of Virginia on March 30th we unfortunately must at this time cancel all inbound reservations to the Resort for arrivals before June 10, 2020.  Arrivals occurring shortly after June 10 will be retained on our books, but our ability to honor them will be contingent upon the lifting of restrictions on Resort operations imposed by the State of Virginia as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. We realize this is upsetting news for some, but this will help to reduce the spread of the coronavirus so we can welcome back guests sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, please visit with us virtually by watching the Wilderness Presidential Resort webpage, Facebook, and our YouTube Channel.


Update: March 30th, 2020

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam issued Executive Order Fifty-Five today regarding COVID-19 as it relates to private campgrounds. The order states:

Effective April 1, 2020 at 11:59 p.m., cessation of all reservations for overnight stays of less than 14 nights at all privately-owned campgrounds, as defined in §35.1-1 of the Code of Virginia.…/march/headline-855702-e…

Per Executive Order 55, we will be suspending all reservations of less than 14 nights in duration until June 10, 2020, unless amended or rescinded by further executive order.

Governor Northam strongly emphasized for everyone to continue to maintain social distancing consisting of 6’ between each other and to not gather in groups of more than 10 people. He stated: “Do not go out unless you need to go out. Stay home to the greatest extent possible.”

While we understand the resort is a way for you to get away, we are required to enforce these mandates, as penalties will be in place if we do not comply. We are doing our part to keep our Wilderness community healthy and safe; we encourage you to do your part to keep your home community healthy and safe, wherever that may be. Take care of yourselves; we’ll be in touch again soon.


March 25, 2020

In case there is any confusion after the Governor’s press conference at 2 p.m. today, the order was only for state campgrounds to close, NOT private. Private campgrounds are still allowed to be open at this time. Please check our website and social media accounts for updates. We appreciate all our owners being so understanding and supportive of us during this time, thank you!

Information for Campgrounds Regarding COVID-19: Restrictions on  Businesses, Public Gatherings and Social Distancing

March 25, 2020

The purpose of this document is to summarize key recommendations for campground operators regarding COVID-19 and Governor Northam’s Executive Order 53 (effective March 24, 2020, 11:59 pm).

Recreation Facilities:

(Swimming Pools, Visitor Centers, Picnic Areas, Playgrounds)

  • Per Executive Order 53 (effective March 24, 2020, 11:59pm), campground operators should close any recreation facilities explicitly listed in the executive order(including fitness centers, gymnasiums, recreation centers, indoor sports facilities, arcades, and indoor exercise facilities) as an effort to prevent further spread of COVID-19. “Recreation facilities” includes pools, which must close.
  • The concentration and survival of COVID-19 is currently unknown for certain surface types. In areas allowed to remain open, campground staff should monitor use and prohibit access to areas where social distancing and group size cannot be effectively managed. This may include picnic tables, trashcans/dumpsters, communal water supply handles, dump stations, and scenic vistas with handrails. If campground staff are unable to disinfect certain outdoor surfaces, staff are encouraged to post a disclaimer to inform users/guests.

Guest Safety:

  • All gatherings should be limited to less than 10 people per the Governor’s Executive Order 53.
  • Campground staff should monitor all public areas to encourage social distancing of guests. To achieve social distancing, guests should maintain 6 feet between persons.
  • Guests should also be encouraged to bring disinfecting cleaners and hand sanitizers.

Wilderness Presidential Resort-COVID-19 Pool and Other Closures
March 25, 2020

Per Governor Northam’s Executive Order 53, our Indoor Pool will be CLOSED immediately. In addition, the order calls for picnic areas, playgrounds and pavilions to be closed.…/information-for-campgrounds-…/ This closing of the pool also includes the cancellation of our Water Aerobics classes as well.

Our Recreation Department is working together to put a few outdoor activities in place for guests to do at their leisure. Remember, the guideline of no more than 10 people per gathering, in addition to staying 6’ apart from one another, applies out-of-doors as well. We want our Wilderness community to stay safe and healthy and we are doing what we can to help you remain that way.

COVID-19 and Virginia State Parks

Last Updated: March 23, 2020

Virginia State Parks are open.


As always, we have the safety and well-being of our visitors and staff in mind. We continue to monitor the situation with COVID-19, and this page will be updated as new information becomes available.

We do ask that if you are sick and/or experiencing symptoms consistent with the COVID-19 infection that you please refrain from visiting. It is very important that guests follow social distancing guidelines during all visits by keeping a distance of 6 feet or more between themselves and other guests.

Parks are Open

Your nearby state park is open and providing outdoor recreation opportunities.

In adherence with federal guidance and the Governor’s executive order, all Virginia State Parks visitor centers are closed to the public. Park staff is available by phone if assistance is needed. Overnight facilities and outdoor spaces remain open. Groups or gatherings of more than 10 people are prohibited. Self check-in guidance will be emailed to overnight guests.

It is important to remember, however, that any public facility is only as clean as the last person who touched it. Therefore, a good portion of your safety relies on you. You should also be aware that our sanitizing and disinfection protocols do not include outdoor surfaces, play equipment or picnic tables. Restrooms and bathhouses are being cleaned as often as possible.


Looking for more information about the coronavirus? Here are a few resources to help:

Wilderness Presidential Resort-COVID-19 Camp Store Statement and Update 
March 24, 2020

To all our Wilderness Camp Store patrons,

We have made the difficult decision to have the Wilderness Camp Store remain closed during this evolving Coronavirus outbreak. We will be monitoring the situation with the management team at Wilderness closely. At this time, we will remain closed until May 1st and updates will follow as things progress. Our goal is to keep our patrons and employees safe. We hope everyone stays healthy and is able to enjoy this unexpected time with your family.

Deborah Rambo
Owner/Operator for
Wilderness Camp Store
Red Barn Grill

Wilderness Presidential Resort-COVID-19 Statement and Update 
March 23, 2020

Due to the CDC’s event guidelines and Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s statement in relation to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)…/march/headline-854487-e…, we regret to inform you that we won’t be able to conduct our normal Easter Weekend activities this year. We know our Easter events are a tradition to many and we are equally as sad that we won’t be able to share those with everyone this year. In the coming weeks, we will be evaluating ways we can hopefully spread some Easter cheer safely to those staying with us. Stay safe and healthy everyone!

Wilderness Presidential Resort-COVID-19 Statement and Update
March 23, 2020

At Governor Northam’s press conference this afternoon, he ordered all non-essential businesses to close. The resort, as a whole, will remain open, however the Gym will temporarily close beginning Wednesday, March 25.…/essential-vs-non-essential-whats-clo… Our Recreation Department is working together to put a few outdoor activities in place for guests to do at their leisure. Remember, the guideline of no more than 10 people per gathering, in addition to staying 6’ apart from one another, applies out-of-doors as well. We want our Wilderness community to stay safe and healthy and we are doing what we can to help you remain that way.

Wilderness Presidential Resort-COVID-19 Closures
March 21, 2020

Due to the Governor’s guidelines, we have made the decision to temporarily close the Clubhouse beginning Monday, March 23.

We have also received several inquiries about when our Adventure Park will be opening this year.  As of now, our target date is the weekend of May 16.  We have some fun news to share in regards to the Adventure Park.  Look for a post in the next few days with more details!

Stay healthy friends!

Wilderness Presidential Resort-COVID-19 Statement and Update
March 20, 2020

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam told Virginians to avoid non-essential gatherings of more than 10 people, per federal guidelines for purposes of public health and safety.

Wilderness Presidential Resort strongly encourages all of our guests and patrons to comply with this important guidance. Until further notice, our Activity Schedules will have limited activities, which will have group size limitations per the previously mentioned guidelines.  All activities will be first come, first serve.  Once the 10 patron limit is reached, we will attempt to accommodate guests the best we can with other suggestions of activities and things to do in different locales of the resort.

In order to make things fair and remain accessible to as many of our members and guests as possible, we will be limiting time to an hour per person in the following facilities: Indoor Pool and Gym (Basketball Court & Upstairs).  We will be using a sign-up sheet for each location and you will be allowed to sign up for one spot per day, per location.

If there is no one signed up for the next hour after yours is completed, you may extend your time. HOWEVER, as soon as someone else shows up we will ask you to leave in order to allow them access to the facility.  If you sign up for a timeslot and do not arrive by 10 minutes after the start time, you will forfeit the space and we will allow other people, who may be waiting, access to the facility.  It is important that you arrive on time.

To maintain social distancing at our Horseshoe Pits, only every other pit will be open for use.  For our Mini Golf Course and Disc Golf Course, we ask that groups playing leave at least one hole between themselves and the following group.

Again, with the limitations that have been set before us by the Governor, this is the fairest way we can do things to keep buildings open and usable.  We know you love your time here at Wilderness, we love it too!  It’s hard not to be able to access things like normal while you’re here, but we are doing our best to ensure everyone still has a great experience.  Please be patient with us, each other, and the world in general.  We’re in this together, we’ll get through it together. Stay safe and healthy!

For Immediate Release: March 17, 2020
Contacts: Office of the Governor: Alena Yarmosky,

Governor Northam Announces New Measures to Combat COVID-19 and Support Impacted Virginians

Directs adherence to 10-person gathering ban, quarantine for high-risk individuals, worker and employer support

RICHMOND—Governor Ralph Northam today announced additional steps to help Virginians impacted by novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, stop the spread of the virus in the Commonwealth, and protect public health.

“Everyone must play a role to help flatten the curve and mitigate the spread of this virus, and that starts with social distancing,” said Governor Northam. “We know this will be a hardship for many businesses, and we are assisting workers affected by closures. Public health relies on every individual using common sense and making responsible decisions. We can and will get through this difficult time. But we must work together to do so.”

Video of today’s media briefing is available here.

Further Reducing Public Gatherings

Governor Northam told Virginians to avoid non-essential gatherings of more than 10 people, per federal guidelines. This does not include normal operations at essential services such as manufacturers, distribution centers, airports, bus and train stations, medical facilities, grocery stores, or pharmacies.

Protecting High-Risk Virginians

Those with chronic health conditions or aged 65 or older should self-quarantine. Public health experts advise that individuals with underlying medical conditions and those aged 65 or older are at increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19. Governor Northam encouraged neighbors and friends to stay in touch and regularly check in with high-risk individuals.

Increasing Social Distancing

All restaurants, fitness centers, and theaters are mandated to significantly reduce their capacity to 10 patrons, or close. Restaurants are encouraged to continue carry-out and takeaway options.

Support for Affected Workers

Governor Northam announced the following actions to protect working Virginians impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak:

  • No waiting for unemployment benefits.Governor Northam has directed the Commissioner of the Virginia Employment Commission to waive the one-week waiting period to ensure workers can receive benefits as soon as possible.
  • Enhanced eligibility for unemployment.Workers may be eligible to receive unemployment benefits if an employer needs to temporarily slow or cease operations due to COVID-19. If a worker has been issued a notice to self-quarantine by a medical or public health official and is not receiving paid sick or medical leave from their employer, they may be eligible to receive unemployment benefits. In addition, a worker may be eligible for unemployment benefits if they must stay home to care for an ill family member and are not receiving paid family medical leave from their employer.
  • Fewer restrictions.For individuals receiving unemployment insurance, Governor Northam is directing the Virginia Employment Commission to give affected workers special consideration on deadlines, mandatory re-employment appointments, and work search requirements.

The Office of the Governor is providing a Frequently Asked Questions guide for workers that have been temporarily laid off or discharged during this public health crisis.

Support for Impacted Employers

  • Regional workforce teams will be activated to support employers that slow or cease operations. Employers who do slow or cease operations will not be financially penalized for an increase in workers requesting unemployment benefits.
  • The Governor is authorizing rapid response funding, through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, for employers eligible to remain open during this emergency. Funds may be used to clean facilities and support emergency needs.
  • Governor Northam is directing all employers to follow S. Department of Labor guidance on workplace safety.

Department of Motor Vehicle Office Closures

  • Virginia’s 75 DMV offices, as well as mobile units, will close to the public.
  • Online services will remain available, and anyone needing to renew a license or vehicle registration is encouraged to do so online.
  • For those who cannot renew online, or whose license or registration expires before May 15, DMV will grant a 60-day extension.


Governor Northam requested and the Supreme Court of Virginia granted a judicial emergency in response to COVID-19. From Monday, March 16 through Monday, April 6, non-essential, non-emergency court proceedings in all district and circuit courts are suspended absent a specific exemption. This includes a prohibition on new eviction cases for tenants who are unable to pay rent as a result of COVID-19. All non-exempted court deadlines are tolled and extended for a period of 21 days.


The State Corporation Commission (SCC) issued an order directing utilities it regulates, such as electric, natural gas, and water companies in Virginia, to suspend service disconnections for 60 days to provide immediate relief for any customer, residential and business, who may be financially impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak.

For a comprehensive list of actions Governor Northam has announced to combat COVID-19 in Virginia, visit

# # #

Wilderness Presidential Resort-COVID-19 Statement and Update
March 13, 2020

Over the past several weeks, Wilderness Presidential Resort has been carefully reviewing and digesting updates related to the Coronavirus and COVID-19. This includes outreach to the Virginia Department of Health and other industry-specific contacts. With the well-being of our owners, guests, and employees in mind, we wanted to share with you how we are responding.

In addition to helping direct people to the right information and utilizing cleaning products recommended by the CDC, we are also conducting extra training and cleaning with staff throughout all Resort departments and coordinating with local and regional health offices.

At this time, Wilderness Presidential Resort is open for business. We understand that this is an evolving situation and if changes to operations become necessary, we will update guests via email communication and our website:

We also understand that everyone needs to make decisions that are right for them, their families, and their communities.

If you would like to talk with us more about your upcoming travel itinerary or have specific questions, please send us an email or give us a call using the contact list below. Be sure to include your confirmation number and date of travel.

We will continue to closely monitor the situation and collaborate with health officials. Hopefully, we can all work together to mitigate the spread of this novel virus.  In the meantime, we have listed a few resources that we have found useful.

Additional Resources:

Wilderness Presidential Resort-COVID-19 Easter Weekend Update
April 8, 2020

As Easter Weekend is upon us, we want to remind our owners/members about Governor Northam’s Executive Order 53 and maintaining your social distance of 6’ away from others when visiting the resort.  We know our members have neighbors and friends here that feel more like family.  Please keep in mind we should not be gathering in groups of more than 10, per Executive Order 53.  The people you celebrate the holiday with should be those you live with.  This will be an adjustment for all of us, but we want to make sure our Wilderness family and friends have a safe and healthy holiday.