Camping is a purely subjective and personal experience. While for some, it provides an escape from the busy schedule of mundane life, for others it might represent the “holy grail” – the utmost passion in life, while few would argue that camping is a way to explore your fascination and admiration for Mother Nature. But everyone would agree on one single point, that is, camping is fun. Whether you are out on your own for a wild camping experience or a part of an entourage from school or college, or on a family camping trip, the ultimate aim is the same: to have fun. With warm and crackling campfire, story-telling, delicious s’mores and the fun of sleeping under the stars (mostly, inside a tent, but still, it counts!), camping has an all-encompassing experience of peace, laughter, connect to nature and satisfaction of the soul.

Of course, every coin has two sides. A camping trip gone wrong is exactly that side of a coin one never wishes to see or experience. A single matter can end up ruining the whole trip. It can be sudden rain or hailstorm, a bad choice of place to set up the tent, inefficient hiking plan – there are so many variables that may go wrong. But when everything goes according to plan, the trip becomes a life changing experience.

Do the right thing…

Coming down to the basics, there are a few sure shot steps to follow while planning out a camping trip. For one, you need to have a clear and crisp plan, starting from choosing the campsite, to the route for hiking, etc. A lot depends on the location. Mountainside, lake, river, forest – whichever spot you choose, the beauty, silence and the magnificence of it all is bound to mesmerize you. Camping not only makes you appreciate Nature’s beauty, it also has a cleansing effect on your soul. Secondly, you have to pack as compactly as possible. There is nothing worse than having to carry multiple heavy backpacks and other luggage. Rely on Nature for things like food, water, etc. After all, you are going camping to experience Nature at its best, so, you HAVE to come to terms with the fact that material comfort is not absolutely necessary during this time. Another step to ensure that your camping trip is a success is to always respect your surroundings. Be a part of the Nature around you. That way, you will feel completely at home even in the middle of nowhere.

Being one with Nature…

Personally speaking, I use this time to stay away from technology as much as possible. Being that close to nature, alone or with friends or family, one automatically learns to appreciate oneself as well as others. The hard work from hiking all day, and then spending the night in front of warm campfire with loved ones in laughter and fun, truly makes you feel alive. So, anytime you feel the need to get back to Nature and get in touch with your unburdened and true self, plan a camping trip to your favorite locale.

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