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Yes, camping is great. And, whether you go camping in the conventional way or in fully accommodated and comfortable RVs and cabins like ours, there are certain things you’ve got to keep in mind. Even little things, if gone wrong, could ruin the whole experience. And there are a great number of things, starting from choosing the right camping gear, spots (whether to rough it out or go glamping comfortably), campground, fire building, food, etc. that could go wrong. So, without further ado, let us get down to business. What to do, what not to do, while planning for, as well as when you are on, a camping trip, hopefully in our Wilderness Presidential Resort’s cool and fun Camp Cottages or RVs.


To Do’s –

  • Pack compact: Relax and carry as compactly as you can, because, at our resort you get fully stocked and facilitated cabins and RVs for rent. But, do remember your essentials, for instance, Camping emergency kit (self-assembled or store bought), proper linens and clothes, packaged food, flashlights, RV toilet papers, toolkit, trash bags, ropes, etc.
  • Be Tech-savvy: If and when you take any kind of electronic devices, be sure to learn its proper use.
  • Proper training: Before you can embark upon your camping/glamping trip, it is absolutely non-negotiable that you acquire the proper drills and training required. Fire build up and management, waste management, food (though, with us, you may quit worrying about it), proper clothes selection, safety management, pest control, survival training, etc. are few of the most important points to keep in mind before you even say the word ‘camping’.
  • Cleanliness: Be empathetic. Always clean up before you leave a site. Especially when you are in an RV, cleanliness is even more required than you would think, since, in a compact space like that, you won’t like messy and dirty things around you, at all.

Not To Do’s –

  • Set up late at night: You need to respect Nature as well other campers when you are out there. Check in to your site, cabin or RV, and set up your camp while the sun, as well as your fellow campers, are still out. For one, it easier for you. For another, there is nothing more irritating when a fellow camper/ camping group creates a ruckus involving set up, when everyone is resting after a hectic, albeit fun, day at camping.
  • Get drunk: DO NOT get drunk while camping. You may feel relaxed and lightweight, but be sure that others will definitely not be able to relax with a drunken presence among or even next to them.
  • Bring pets: Everyone believes their pets are the best in the world. And why not! But, while you may love your pet dearly, other campers might not feel so. So, it’s always better to keep in mind the pet policy of the place you are going to, along with other people’s comforts, before you bring any of your beloved pets along with you.
  • Disturb others: Ethically, morally, and even legally, you are obligated to never breach other people’s privacy, comfort and patience limits, while camping. DO NOT ignore quiet-hour rules (with music, too loud voices and laughter, etc.), or litter your used products and waste behind, or lose control over the situation if you have kids or pets with you, etc.

Basically, be smart. Be smart and ready in your action plan, prep training and, overall management. This way, you get to have the perfect camping experience, as well as avoid being a menace to others on the spot. Camping in cabins or vintage RVs can be as glorious as you want, but only when you commit to all the necessary protocols too. Happy Camping!

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