What is Glamping – Concept and Beginning

Love to camp but hate to struggle in the wild? Not to worry, you have Glamping to your rescue! Glamping is the wonderful merge between all the funs of camping in nature and all the comforts of modern luxury. In fact, the term ‘glamping’ is actually the shortened form for ‘Glamorous Camping’. This way, you are able to camp in style. You have to admit that, while camping, in its traditional sense, can be a truly cleansing, purifying experience, amidst the lap of nature, it also can be tiresome, difficult and downright problematic for people who are willing to camp but are either physically or habitually, unable to survive in the wild. Here, glamping gives you the opportunity to experience all the thrill and fun and escapism of traditional camping without having to let go of your creature comforts. It has become exceptionally trendy nowadays.

If the concept sounds all new and unheard to you, think about the tour of African Safari. One could say the initial concept of ‘modern’ glamping began roughly from there. Starting from well-equipped places to stay, to folding baths, electric generators and even cases of champagne, tourists and travelers were given almost all kinds of domestic comfort, while on tour. Glamping, in its full style and effect, evolved gradually after this.

Types of Glamping

There are numerous ways and options of glamping, all over the world. It’s not just providing one with a fancy tent and good food. There are places and spots so incredibly glamorous; each spot presenting such exquisite and unique advantages, one would have a hard time digesting the fact that it’s all a part of camping. From cabins and farm-houses, to yachts and caves, to villas, tipis and tree houses, glamping offers you with not only a panoramic view of the nature surrounding you but with extremely luxurious stay with nature close at your reach.

Charms of Glamping

Many may argue that, a modern luxurious and comfortable stay might take away the main essence of traditional camping. That the idea of ‘being one with nature’ gets lost amidst the glamorous comfort. On the other hand, people who have experienced glamping in all its glory, have claimed that not only their ‘camping’ experience was great, but, because of all the material comfort, the overall experience was fascinating, relaxing and, in a sense, complete. Because they did not have to worry about food-scavenging or sleeping requirements, their hiking, trekking and all other forms of enjoying nature were much more enhanced.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack a bag today, and go ‘glamping’!

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