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Wilderness Presidential Resort at Dusk

Web Accessibility

Aligned with our commitment to make our resort physically accessible, we are also committed to ensuring that all visitors have full access to our website. This is an ongoing effort.

At Wilderness Presidential Resort, we are committed to delivering a web experience that provides equal access and opportunity for individuals with disabilities. We are now actively striving to deliver a web experience that is aligned with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, specifically the “A” and “AA” criteria.

Accessibility Features
To ensure a seamless user experience for all our customers, current efforts are focused on delivering digital experiences that:

  1. Are compatible with commonly used screen readers
  2. Have full keyboard operability
  3. Communicate all necessary information without dependency on color
  4. Ensures video accessibility (including Closed Captions on videos)

Known Accessibility Issues
We are currently working to fix the following issues:

  1. Inclusion of meaningful alternative text for images.
  2. Using text in place of images when possible.
  3. Color contrast between content and background color in select location.

This is just to name a few of the efforts we have taken or will take as we work to provide universal access to our website and its content. This is a journey we committed to as we value each customer that takes the time to visit our website.

We are eager to hear from you regarding positive experiences and also regarding areas that could be improved. With your feedback, we will be better able to work through issues promptly, make sure your needs are met, and ensure that proper steps are taken so that the problem is not encountered again in the future.

To contact us, please follow the following guidance:

540.972.7433 option 0

If you prefer to reach out to us via email, please email us at info@wpresort.com.

General Mailing Address
Wilderness Presidential Resort
9220 Plank Road
Spotsylvania, VA 22553

We are always open to suggestions for improvement, so please reach out as you see fit. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you for joining us on this journey and we hope to see you soon!

Accessibility Software

  • JAWS: Screen reader for Windows.
  • HTML Validator: Service for checking whether web pages conform to published HTML standards.
  • Web Page Backward Compatibility Viewer: Tool for viewing web pages without a variety of modern browser features.
  • Lynx Viewer: Service for viewing what your web pages look like in Lynx.

HTML Validator
Web Page Backward Compatibility Viewer
Lynx Viewer

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